SATURDAY / by Danny Montemayor

My family and I are pretty much done with the moving process, now it's a matter of setting everything up. Our garage has become a mountainous terrain of boxes needing to be unpacked and organized. So far, for me, moving is tough stuff. I wish I had my sister's optimism through this transition, but it's easy to be excited about a new home when you get the biggest room with a walk-in closet.

It hasn't been a full week yet, but I already miss all the deliciousness Downtown Sacramento has to offer, the Safeway conveniently located down the street, and of course, my friends. I would visit them everyday if gas wasn't 20 cents more expensive here, or just expensive in general. Everything happened so fast. I intended this summer before college to be full of gatherings and late-night food runs with friends. Did I mention how much I miss the amazing food in Sac? I'm going through withdrawals at the moment. Please send Thai fries and caramel coconut gelato.

For now, I'm trying to appreciate and enjoy whatever this new home has to offer, one of which would be the backyard. Unlike our decently landscaped backyard in Sacramento, our new one is a little bit more...rugged, but in an adventurous kind of way (it's all about the positive thinking). And with this new setting, and nothing else to do, this lead to a mini photo session with none other than my beloved sister.

As the title implies, this set strives to be mellow. Saturday afternoons, personally, are not eventful. And that's alright. These photos reflect the comforting simplicity of a slowed-down, hot summer weekend. During the shoot, however, it was anything but effortless. Our new backyard has an uphill slope, so moving from place to place took a lot more balance and caution than usual. For post-production, I deferred from going against the natural warmth within the original photos, but rather bring that out and let it set the tone for the series.

I typically don't like explaining my photos in detail because it reminds me of all the artist statements I frivolously typed out in 2nd period studio art, but I feel like it's going to be a necessary process now that I'm in college and what not. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.