Quick Update on Gradual Progress... / by Danny Montemayor

It's been months since I've updated this journal portion of my site, so I thought it'd be nice to return with my latest work and several spruced up pages.

The beginning of this year, I began photographing weddings, and the experience so far has brought so much growth to my craft. Of course, as long as I'm capturing moments for others, there is always room for improvement, but I'm really happy with my start in this field. 

And because I've been quiet for a significant amount of time, I've also returned with a new Services page!  I specifically created the page for those who are throwing an occasion that needs to be artistically treasured in time and interested in investing in my work. And of course, I'm always available to answer questions through my main email: contact@dannymontemayor.org

Last but not least, I added my recent work in family photography. 

Also, if you haven't noticed, Danny Montemayor Photography has a new logo! I've been told that it giving Halloween children's book vibes, so I can't say it's permanent. 

I have several things planned, so keep in touch by following me on my Facebook Page.